Bioenergy generation and delivery.
Martens Wood Waste Solutions has its own bio-cogeneration (CHP) that generates heat and electricity. The fuel consists of wood residues and waste wood that is processed into small wood parts that guarantee optimal combustion. Thanks to the use of a high-tech incinerator and state of the art filtration, all green energy regulations are met. In this way, Martens bio-cogeneration is a supplier for green electricity to the general energy network.

Greenhouses & Gardeners

Dutch greenhouse horticulture is opting en masse for bioheat in order to be climate neutral by 2040. Martens has the knowledge of the very latest bioheating installations and helps with the construction and management.

Industry & Agri

Bio heat installations are a proven and sustainable energy solution for companies in industry and agriculture. Martens works together with the most innovative partners for the construction and management of modern and clean bioheating installations.

City & District

Gasless construction requires alternative energy solutions that have proven themselves and meet the current sustainability standards. Martens advises, installs and manages bioheat installations for the city districts and neighbourhoods.

Facts and myths about bio heat by Martens

Renemar, for a customised bioheating solution.

Renemar is one of Martens’ initiatives. Set up to use the knowledge of bioheat power plants and the availability of biofuel as a solution for a ‘gasless’ construction. The concept designed for this?
OnzeBuurtwarmte is the solution for home owners who want to jointly purchase heat energy. Renemar Energie also provides professional builders and industrial and agricultural largescale consumers with sustainable energy with a customised bioheat solution.

The power of bio heat

One medium-sized Bio Heat Installation of 15 MW is enough to provide 15,000 homes with energy. A capacity that requires 15 regular wind turbines, or 8 hectares with modern solar panels

Reduce fossil fuels

The combustion of wood residues and waste wood is an effective and sustainable alternative to fossil-fired power plants. This enables a relevant contribution to be made to the climate objectives.

Safe and efficient combustion

Martens works together with the leading manufacturers of bioheating installations. These installations are ‘state of the art’ and guarantee a clean and optimal combustion with much lower CO2 emissions.

News & current affairs
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29 July 2020

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