At Martens Wood Waste Solutions, we are committed to adding value to wood residues and wood waste. We process wood into sawdust and wood fibres, for example. We make wood pellets for wood stoves and bioheat plants and we generate energy to provide horticulturalists, industry and residential areas with green heat and electricity.


Wood shavings & sawdust

We process wood waste and wood residues into high-quality wood shavings.

Pellet fuel

A high-quality process guarantees the very best wood pellets.

Other litters

Wood sawdust and wood fibres are processed into an ideal ground cover.

Other products

In addition to wood shavings, sawdust and wood pellets, Martens has an extensive range of litter.


Collection of wood residues

Wood residues, waste to some. For us it is a sustainable raw material.

Wood container rental

Thanks to our containers, wood residue is collected and processed on time.

Overall solutions

From container rental to total unburdening for your wood waste.

Other services

In addition to container rental, Martens offers an extensive service package for upcycling wood.

Generating energy: Heat and electricity.

Greenhouses & Gardeners

A customised bioheat installation total unburdening.

Industry & Agri

We provide the green alternative to energy and heat for large consumers.

City & Neighbourhood

Gasless construction? We achieve it with bio heat for the neighbourhood.

Other energy

Include private households.

News & current affairs
19 May 2022

Paul and Tommy are on their way to Poland to deliver wood shavings for the shelter of horses from Ukraine….

20 August 2020

While making our wood pellets we pay a lot of attention to the production process during which the cleanest combustion…