Collecting wood residues and wood waste.
Martens Wood Waste Solutions uses a large number of containers to collect wood residues and wood waste from wood processors and companies that generate a lot of waste. But also green processors, foresters and tree harvesting companies rely on Martens for the sale of waste and residue.
For processing waste and wood residues, Martens has a modern machine park with shredders where wood is processed and ground into wood shavings, sawdust and high-quality wood pellets.
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Collecting wood residues

When collecting wood residues, we make a distinction between clean and untreated wood (Class A), glued or lacquered wood (Class B) or impregnated wood (Class C). At Martens we only use class A wood waste and wood residues.
You can also rely on the Martens’ services for collecting cleared trees, logs and residues.

Wood container rental

Wood processors, carpentry factories and scrap yards rely on Martens’ wood collection service. To this end, we place containers with a volume of 6 m3 or 10 m3. Agreements are made in advance about the classification of the collected wood.

Overall solutions

When there is a high-volume collection of wood residues and wood waste and shavings, we are happy to think along actively in the process. In addition to containers, we also consider the placement of silos and extraction installations to collect curls. This is always custom work.

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29 July 2020

At Martens, we are committed every day to contributing to the sustainable recycling and processing of wood residues and wood…