Martens Wood Waste Solutions is a committed partner for organisations that need sustainable energy solutions. Thanks to our many years of experience and cooperation with leading industry partners, we have contributed to efficient bioheating plants.

Owner Peet Withagen has chosen Martens for the installation and fuel supply of wood pellets. This way, one party if responsible for construction, maintenance and fuel supply.

The bioheat installation consists of a wood-dust boiler that guarantees optimal combustion. Previously 3.5 million cubic metres of natural gas was used. On the one hand, the bioheat produces direct heat, which enters the greenhouses. On the other hand, a power generator is driven. In this case, the CO2 production that arises during the heat process is a pleasant side effect. Tomatoes need CO2 to grow optimally.
The use of the bioheating installation has reduced gas consumption by over 85%.

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19 May 2022

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20 August 2020

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