Heating for greenhouses
In greenhouse horticulture, many are opting for bioheat installation as an alternative to gas. The installations use wood pellets as fuel. Martens already supplies wood pellets for many of these installations that are made from wood residues, wood waste and residues from the immediate vicinity. Martens has a lot of knowledge and experience in the installation and management of bioheat installations.
Bioheat. From construction to management.


The construction and installation of a bioheating plant requires a great deal of expertise. Martens Wood Waste Solutions has this expertise thanks to the construction of a large number of bioheating installations. To this end, Martens works together with the leading builders of bioheat installations.

Proper management of a bioheating plant involves the supply and delivery of the very best wood pellets as fuel and an effective maintenance program. For this too, Martens can rely on professional and expert cooperation partners. Martens has a specialised subsidiary – Renemar – set up for installation and management.

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29 July 2020

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