A high-quality stable cover
In addition to wood shavings and sawdust, straw and flax are an alternative as a ground cover product. Flax ground covers are also used in the for horses due to the low level of dust content. The 100% natural cover such as straw and flax is easy to maintain.

Animal ground cover

The natural ground cover that we offer at Martens are highly sought after ground covers for stables and riding schools. The litters are made from ground straw and flax. The low dust content, the fresh appearance, the easy maintenance and the attractive price are seen as the most important advantages.


Straw and flax ground cover is used as bedding for young stock, dairy cattle and pigs. Flax is used for horses, especially because of the low dust content.
Good to know! Flax has an unprecedented high moisture absorption factor.
Animal bedding. Delivered to measure.


Flax is a commonly used ground cover for stables in riding schools and horse farms. Flax is easy to maintain, has a high moisture absorption and produces little or no dust. Flax prevents irritation to the respiratory tract and eyes for horses.


Straw is a pleasant ground cover for poultry, pigs and calves. Stable litter is also widely used in horse stables. Thanks to a modern cutting process, the straw contains few dust particles. The fine structure of the straw ensures active moisture absorption.

Dropped off by lorry or packed in bales

If preferred, litter is delivered can be loose bulk goods by truck or packed in bales.

The volume of a litter truck is 5 to 6 tons.
The packed bales are delivered in a volume of 20 kg.