Wood shavings, dust-free and clean.
Martens Houtvezels has established a solid reputation as a producer of top-tier wood shavings and sawdust. Martens wood shavings and sawdust are popular stable coverings and soil coverings for customers with horses and livestock. Thanks to the modern production and filtration technique, the packaged final product is completely dust-free. No wonder that many horse owners rely on our wood fibres. The wood shavings and sawdust products by Martens are distributed to customers and dealers all over Europe and England.
Wood shavings of the highest quality!

Type of manufacturing:

The wood shavings that we manufacture at Martens Wood Waste Solutions are intended as ground cover for stables and riding schools. The shavings are made from selected residual and waste wood, often from wood processing industries. The FSC guidelines that Martens works with ensure that the world’s forests can be preserved through responsible forest management.


Wood shavings are an ideal ground cover for stables and riding schools with horses, cows, pigs, goats and poultry.
Wood shavings. Delivered and custom packed.

Dumped loose by truck

Wood shavings are an ideal stable floor cover. A stable covered with wood shavings looks clean and fresh. During the processing and packaging process, the wood shavings are blown clean and packed dust-free. That is why wood shavings are often chosen for keeping horses and for poultry, and small livestock.
A big advantage with wood shavings is the high absorption capacity.

For price and delivery time, we ask you to contact our sales department.

Packed in bales

The benefits of wood shavings are significant. Wood shavings give a fresh and clean look, wood shavings cannot be eaten, and wood shavings are known for extremely high moisture absorption. It is not without reason that wood shavings are popular in riding schools and stables for poultry, small livestock and goat farming.
The wood shavings are packed dust-free in bales of 18 kg.


For price and delivery time, we ask you to contact our sales department.

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