Waste becomes raw material
Wood residues and wood waste exist in many forms and in many qualities. Grubbed trees, residues and untreated wood are 100% natural. Lacquered and glued wood, or impregnated and creosoted wood, has been processed with substances that can be harmful for people and the environment. When we collect wood residues and wood waste, we classify the wood into 3 different categories. For processing wood residues and wood waste into wood shavings, sawdust or wood pellets, we only use wood of the highest category, Class A.
What is waste to some is raw material to us

Delivery information?

Would you like to deliver your wood to Martens Wood Waste Solutions. Look no further. At our delivery locations in Someren and Venray, we have a large storage and processing capacity to process wood waste and wood residues into wood pellets, wood shavings and sawdust.
For more purchasing information, please contact the central purchasing department: +31 (0) 493 – 496860 or
 for the Netherlands: inkoopNL@martenswws.com
 for Europe: purchaseEU@martenswws.com

News & current affairs
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