Wood pellets, clean combustion.
At Martens Eko, we process many tons of residual wood and waste wood in a modern and sustainable way, for the production of high quality wood pellets. The production area of Martens Eko in Venray turns the wood into sawdust, which is dried and compressed into wood pellets of the best quality, which serve as clean and efficient fuel for biological heat installations and pellet stoves. The energy that is needed for drying the sawdust and pellets is provided by our own powerful and clean biological heat installation, that also generates energy for the public power grid.

You have pellets and pellets…

Pellet grains are pressed pellets made from wood residues and wood waste. Thanks to a powerful shredder, the wood is pulverised and ground into small wood particles that are compressed into a small pellet (grain). Depending on the choice and selection of the basic material – which wood is used – a wood pellet gets its yield and quality. Softwood is clean wood, burns well, but is completely burnt out relatively quickly. Hardwood burns a little less brightly, but burns a bit longer. The high-quality pellets from Martens guarantee a longer life for your stove.

Food energy.

Pellets are a solid clean fuel. Pellets are easy to transport and use. Thanks to modern technology, pellet stoves are an ideal way to create heat. Sustainable and CO2 neutral. Numerous innovations have ensured that pellet stoves achieve a high heat efficiency. It goes without saying that the quality of the wood pellets is of vital importance. Martens pellets have a high calorific value of 5 kWh/kg.
Choice in wood pellets?

Pellets made up of 100% coniferous wood

Wood pellets made up of 100% coniferous wood have a light colour. These wood pellets are notable for clean combustion and a high energy value. Wood pellets made from 100% coniferous wood have a limited ash content. The moisture content is less than 10%.

Pellets mixed

Wood pellets mixed contain a mix of beech, oak and coniferous wood. Hardwood burns slower but longer. As a result, the heat emission is greater than with pellets made from 100% coniferous wood. The longer combustion time also creates ash content that is slightly higher than with 100% coniferous wood. The moisture content is less than 10%.

Certified wood pellets
The wood residues and wood waste that Martens Wood Waste Solutions uses to manufacture the wood pellets comes from municipalities, harvesting companies and wood processors in the direct region. We ensure that all wood is planted and processed according to FSC guidelines.
The way in which we select and process the wood is in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the various authorities.
Pellet fuel. Delivered and custom packed.

Deposited separately

Are you a largescale consumer? Then delivery in bulk suits you best. We deliver your pellets by bulk truck to the address chosen by you.

For price and delivery time, we request you to contact our sales department.

Big Bags

Are you a medium user? Or would you prefer not to make a separate deposit? Then delivery via Big Bags (per cubic metre) is best for you. We deliver Big Bags by full truck to the address indicated by you. 

For price and delivery time, we request you to contact our sales department.

Bags of 15 kg and 25 kg.

Are you a smaller to medium-sized heat consumer? Then a choice for handily packed wood pellets is the best choice. We deliver the packaged wood pellets per pallet to the address indicated by you. 
15kg pellet bags       66 bags per pallet
25kg pellet bags      40 bags per pallet
For price and delivery time, we request you to contact our sales department.

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