This is how we add value to wood waste …
At Martens Copanex, we process and package many kilos of wood and residual wood every day, in order to make high quality wooden products in a sustainable way. Our modern production area is furnished for making the best quality wood shavings, sawdust, litter and wood pellets. From the Martens Copanex production location Wielsbeke in Belgium, we transport our packaged wood products to dealers and bulk consumers all over Europe and England.
Our products

Wood shaving and sawdust

We process only the very best wood waste and wood residues into high-quality wood shavings.

Wood pellets

For a clean and pure combustion for your bioheat installation or pellet stove.

Other litters

A soft stable cover with optimal absorption? Choose litter.

News and current affairs
19 May 2022

Paul and Tommy are on their way to Poland to deliver wood shavings for the shelter of horses from Ukraine….

20 August 2020

While making our wood pellets we pay a lot of attention to the production process during which the cleanest combustion…