For all wood residues
At Martens Wood Waste Solutions we have a well-organised distribution network of wood containers for the collection of wood waste, wood residues and wood shavings (from machine wood processors). The volume of the used container depends on the processing volume and collection frequency.
Various types of containers

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Would you like to use a Martens wood collection container? Look no further. All you need to do is make a phone call.
For more rental information, please contact the central rental department: +31 (0) 493 – 496860 or
 for the Netherlands:
 for Europe:

Closed containers

We have more than 700 containers, all equipped with a dust net and a tarpaulin, so that all fine wood residues (wood shavings, scales, sawdust and/or wood dust) can be blown directly into our container.

Open containers

We have more than 300 open containers for collecting all larger wood residues from untreated wood (Class-A wood), such as logs, pallets, wood chips, etc. Whenever the container is full, 1 simple phone call is all that’s required and we will exchange the container within 48 hours. This way we ensure production is never compromised!

Walking floors

We have our own rolling stock (container carts and tractor-trailer combinations 50 pieces in total) for transporting various types of wood products.

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29 July 2020

At Martens, we are committed every day to contributing to the sustainable recycling and processing of wood residues and wood…