Energy for the living environment
From 2018, new houses will no longer be connected to the gas network. What is the objective with this? To be able to live completely gas-free in 2050. An ambition set out in the Energy Transition Progress Act. However, this requires alternative energy solutions. One of the most effective and attractive solutions are small-scale bioheat plants in city districts, residential areas and neighbourhoods. A bioheat installation is sustainable and reliable. Especially when it is managed by Martens.
Bio heat, sustainable energy in the living environment.

New technology:

Thanks to new technology, today’s bioheating installations are clean and deliver optimum efficiency. The quality of wood pellets in combination with new combustion technology ensures that particulate matter emissions are limited to less than 2%. These emissions are additionally filtered, so that bioheat is rightly classified as sustainable and clean energy.

Bio heat installations come in various shapes and sizes. From a small-scale solution for a few homes to a more powerful installation for entire neighbourhoods. Martens Wood Waste Solutions has a specialised subsidiary – Renemar – set up for installation and management.

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