Conscious entrepreneur
Whether it concerns responsible energy or caring for people at a distance in society, Martens Wood Waste Solutions has a high commitment to the community in the region.

Wouterbergen, a safe place for healthcare clients with a disability.

For Wouter Martens and his wife Catharina, caring for patients/clients with a disability is just as important as the prosperity of their wood fibre company. It is this sincere commitment that ensures that their Wouterbergen – a day-care complex with catering facilities, an animal meadow, an outdoor area with a vegetable garden – gets attention on the Martens Groep company website.

Wouterbergen was developed a few years ago, and since 2018 has been active as a fully-fledged daytime activity centre with professional guidance.

News & current affairs
19 May 2022

Paul and Tommy are on their way to Poland to deliver wood shavings for the shelter of horses from Ukraine….

20 August 2020

While making our wood pellets we pay a lot of attention to the production process during which the cleanest combustion…